It’s a Boy!

Christmas Day 2012 we added a new member to our already busy family.  BEAN, is a 4 month old male Pug puppy.  My sister, the breeder, decided that Bean and his brother would be the last litter that her Pug, Bailey, would have.  With this in mind, she offered male 1 of 2 to our family (specifically her nieces) as a Christmas present.  I excitedly agreed while my hubby did not share the same excitment (but is slowing accepting the fact that Bean now resides at our home).

We have embrassed Bean into our lives as well are continuing to adjust to the fun of a puppy in the home (and by fun I mean house-breaking, dog fur everywhere, a dog full of energy, chewing, etc.).


Mr. Bean

I am looking forward to watching Bean grow with our girls and I’m sure ten years from now they will all be the best of buds. 

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1 Response to It’s a Boy!

  1. aplusme says:

    oops: *embraced not embrassed.

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