Heels to Hay

I actually started this blog after hopelessly searching the internet one night (after a full day of exhaustion) for fellow mommy bloggers who were going through some of the same emotions and challenges in life that I was going through.  What exactly was and is the cause of these emotions and challenges?  Being a “Dairy Farmer’s Wife.” 

I grew up in the big city of Toronto, Canada, met the man of my dreams in University (who happened to have a large dairy farm awaiting him in his rural small town upon graduating), and settled down as a Dairy Farmer’s Wife the same year the family farm expanded into  the technology-age.  I traded in my heels for steel-toed rubber boots.

Unlike the Dairy Farmers’ Wives that have pre-ceded me in my husband’s family tree, I have chosen to not be a SAHM.  I have not one, but two, full-time jobs.  I am a secondary school teacher during the day and a mompreneur/business owner in the evenings and weekends. 

I have the stress of working full-time (x2) as well as the up-keep of the home (for the most part), and the majority of child rearing.  My husband works hard (very hard!) with a 5am-7pm, 7 days a week schedule.  He is able to take 5 hours off Sunday afternoons on most off-season weekends or if it is raining during the on-season for crops.

 I wonder how other Working Mothers who are also Dairy Farmers’ Wives handle these year-round daily stressors…


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