Dream Bedroom!

Our daughter’s 4th Birthday is next week and she has been complaining about the boring yellow walls she has had in her bedroom since she was an infant.  Now sharing her bedroom with her younger sister, we decided that as our gift to her we would paint her walls. 


The 4-year old’s requests starting flying; princess castle walls to red ceilings with polka dots.

I made the executive decision to design a room that I would have loved to have at age 4.

Taking some ideas from the internet (I am not THAT creative), I hired a good friend who excels at painting and is taking her love for painting and home decor to the business level (insert her business plug here:  http://mahoneypaintanddesign.webs.com/ ).  Six kids under the age of 8 (her 4, my 2) a teenage sitter, and one full day of her and I painting, we accomplished a bedroom work of art that any child would love to dream about and dream in!

P.S. – I free-handed drawing the tree, maybe I should trade teaching and my business selling BlowOut Blockers for home design and something in the arts!?



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5 Responses to Dream Bedroom!

  1. Anne says:

    Beautiful! I thought the tree and dots were wall decals! Great work.

  2. 4writermom says:

    Oh sweet! You ladies did an awesome job. I like that it’s a room that a big 4 year old girl can enjoy, as well as, the little sister. It’s the perfect middle ground ~ not to big girl and not to baby-ish!! GREAT JOB!!

  3. YUMMommy says:

    Yes, you did an awesome job free handing the tree! It came out very well and looks like it was professionally done. My painting skills aren’t that advanced yet. Nice meeting you from the #BloggyCon chat tonight!

  4. I cannot believe you free handed that tree! Gorgeous! I love the dots too! I’m glad to have come across you last night! Can’t wait to read more that you post! 🙂

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